Holland & Milan Organics "Kit" can be uniquely customized to your personal preference. Totaling (6) items of choice, one of which would be a desired preference of (one) single $20 item in conjuction with the (five) $10 items. The single $20 item of choice could be one of the following, our "Miracle Minerals Face Spray, The "Miracle Minerals Face Mask, the "Hair Complex" the "Healing Serum" or the "Infused Hair Growth Oil" all of which are considered $20 items.  Creating a significant savings. The "Face & Body Butter" or "Hair Butter" if choosen to be apart of the "Kit" can be substituted with a large "Face & Body Butter" or large "Hair Butter" instead of a small sized "Face & Body Butter" or small "Hair Butter" for a small price difference of $10 more. Please note, with the purchase of a large "Kit"; the only "large item" in the "Kit" would be either the "Face & Body Butter" or the "Hair Butter". The remaing (five) items are "regular" size. Please note items of choice in the description box.

The Kit


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